Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Zofia Wojt D.D.S. provides effective root canal therapy or root canal treatment to remedy infections of the nerve of your tooth. Commonly called an abscessed tooth, such infections can be very painful and cause swelling. If not treated, it will eventually require the removal of the entire tooth.

Also known more technically as endodontic treatment, it involves removing infected, injured or dead pulp from the root canal system of your tooth. The root canal is where nerves and blood vessels are encased that are important for the growth and development of your teeth. However, once adulthood is reached and the tooth is fully developed, this root canal system can be removed without adverse effects.

How is the Procedure Done?

After a local anesthetic is administered, a rubber dam is placed in your mouth to drain the saliva to protect your tooth from bacteria and to prevent ingestion of bacteria from your tooth. Then Dr. Zofia creates a small opening in the abscessed tooth.

She will then use dental tools to clean and remove the damaged and infected pulp. Once the canal is thoroughly cleaned, it is then sealed with advanced filling materials.

If the tooth is still looking good after the root canal therapy, the opening can then be filled permanently. If it needs further restoration, a temporary filling will be added until the next appointment when restoration can be done using a crown. Posts may be added to help support the crown if the tooth has lost part of its structural integrity.

After the procedure, Dr. Wojt will recommend ideal restorative dentistry solutions to make your tooth completely functional and cosmetically improved, if needed.