• Tooth Whitening

  • Serving Newmarket and the surrounding areas, Dr. Zofia Wojt DDS is a dentist who can make your smile brighter. Painless and very affordable, teeth whitening or bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available. Effective bleaching lightens your teeth and helps remove stains and discoloration.

    Having clean, white teeth is not necessarily a dental health issue, but yellow and stained teeth give one an unhealthy appearance. This can influence an individual’s smile quotient, the frequency and willingness to smile, which can definitely affect one’s social interactions and self-esteem. Therefore, you could say that having beautiful white teeth contributes to your mental health.

    Whitening Methods

    There are many different methods of teeth whitening, some are in-office procedures, some are at-home treatments, and some combine both to get the desired level of whiteness. Teeth that are too white can be distracting and appear unnatural. Getting just the right brightness depends on the treatment time and the dentist’s experience in handling whitening treatments.

    While you can purchase over-the-counter home whitening kits at your local drugstore, these home treatments are not as effective as the treatments we use in our Newmarket dental office. Home treatments use different methods such as brushing, bleaching strips, trays, bleaching pens, bleaching gel, and others.

    The main ingredient in the majority of whiteners is hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is a safe bleaching agent for your mouth. It reacts with the chemicals that make up your enamel forming bubbles that lift away stains. The longer it is left on and the higher the concentration, the whiter the teeth will get.

    If left on too long and done without the supervision of a dentist, it can sometimes lead to temporary tooth sensitivity. These at-home methods are not as effective as our in-office treatments because we have advanced bleaching systems that use light to accelerate the whitening process. This shortens your treatment time and gives you whiter teeth and a brighter smile faster.

    We can also do monitored home whitening treatments with custom trays that are effective for certain individuals.

    Dr. Wojt will give you an examination and recommend the best cosmetic whitening solution for your teeth and situation. Contact our office by calling (905) 895 6484 today or by visiting our Contact page.