• Dental Crowns and Bridges

  • Dr. Zofia Wojt, DDS is a Newmarket dentist who is dedicated to helping her patients leave her office with the most beautiful smiles possible. Serving Newmarket and the surrounding areas, Dr. Wojt knows that one of the methods of improving a smile distorted by broken and/or missing teeth is by using crowns and bridges.

    The Crown

    Also called a cap, the crown is an artificial tooth that looks and works just like a natural tooth. It can restore the shape, appearance and function of any tooth that is still anchored to your jaw. The crown not only restores your tooth, but also protects it from further damage.

    After first giving you a local anesthetic, Dr. Zofia will file down the offending tooth to make a proper base to receive the crown. An impression is made of the reshaped tooth and the two adjacent teeth, and then the crown is custom made based on the impression to fit perfectly in between your good teeth.

    It can be fashioned from various types of material such as ceramic, porcelain or gold, depending on the need and your preferences. The crown itself is hollow and is then placed over the prepared tooth and cemented permanently into place. The same can be done with implants, which is an artificial root placed in your jaw, if there is no tooth to use as an anchor. The technician can perform in-office custom staining to match the new crown to look like other teeth, not like a fake one.

    The Bridge

    If you are completely missing one or more teeth, a bridge can be made to span the open area between two teeth. The bridge works similarly to the crown. Just picture two crowns on each side of the missing teeth with a “bridge” of an artificial tooth or teeth, attached between. The same procedure is done to reshape the teeth on either side of the open space, and after the impression is made, a custom bridge is crafted and securely cemented in place. And as with the crowns, the bridge can be custom matched to look just like a natural tooth.

    After an examination, Dr. Wojt can recommend the best restorative dentistry solutions for repairing any broken, misshapen, discoloured or missing teeth you may have. Contact our office by calling (905) 895 6484 today or by visiting our Contact page.