• Retired quarterback Jim Kelly has managed to keep his oral cancer at bay with the help of chemotherapy. The road to recovery has not been easy, but Kelly is thankful to be there nonetheless.

    Jim Kelly

    Kelly told reporters that his cancer hasn't shown any signs of spreading, thanks to chemotherapy; but as Jon Scott of TWC News reports, the former quarterback has to wait until an MRI scan scheduled in mid-August to see how effective the treatments really have been.

    Kelly describes how the chemotherapy and radiation have been affecting his routine:

    "I just don't have the energy that I used to have," Kelly said. "I have no saliva yet in my mouth, so I got to keep drinking water. I have no taste buds. Like I said, I lost 51 pounds. I'm still eating through a J-Peg, so I get all my food... through a can and I feed through my stomach. They told me just to be patient. And as I said earlier, I'm not that patient of a guy."


    Statistics show that the incidences of oral cancer remain a minority, compared to prostate and breast cancer cases, but the number has been rising. From 1.5 percent of male cases in 2007, it nearly doubled at 2.9 percent five years later. From 0.7 percent of female cases in 2007, it more than doubled at 1.5 percent over the same length of time.

    In many cases, chemotherapy is a necessary evil in the treatment of cancer. It is pricey, and the post-operative effects can vary. It may suppress cancer but sometimes at the expense of bodily functions; and those undergoing the treatment commonly experience side effects like nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. However, it is also widely acknowledged to be effective against cancer, especially during the early stages.

    As in any other cancer types, early detection of oral cancer is vital. York Region residents are encouraged to have regular visits to an experienced Newmarket dentist to help identify signs of cancer before the condition has escalated.

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    (Source: Jim Kelly Says Cancer Has Not Spread, TWC News, July 10, 2014)