• If you’re missing a tooth, you know how embarrassing it can be to have to open your mouth to talk, or even smile. For years, your sole option was to get clumsy dentures that had a real chance of popping out at awkward moments. Thankfully, the technology of a more permanent solution to dentures, such as dental implants, has arrived.

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    However, before getting dental implants, you should consult with a Newmarket dental professional like Dr. Zofia Wojt to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to get them. In its website, the Dental Implant Cost Guide featured an article which highlighted the need for thorough planning and consultation should the procedure be the right one for you:

    Before the surgery can take place, meticulous planning must be completed to identify and analyze nerves, the sinus and the shape and dimensions of the bone in and around the area of interest. During the preliminary examination, your dentist or surgeon will take x-rays of your jaw; paying specific attention to the area that requires a dental implant(s). Different scans can also be taken including a panoramic radiograph, which can show all the upper and lower teeth and bone structure to determine bone health, height and thickness. CT scans are the most accurate form of x-ray imaging to date and may also be used to analyze and determine a treatment plan. Your teeth and gums will be examined for disease and decay and treated prior to the procedure.


    A consultation to plan your treatment should give you further information about dental implants around Newmarket. The dentist you consult with may not be the one to do the procedure, but his or her dental office may offer other dental implant treatments to extend the benefits of professional dental implants. Your dentist can also refer you to a specialist who can perform the implant surgery. The planning process prepares you with the type of implant you’ll need, as well as any additional procedures like bone grafts or extractions that might be needed to improve the procedure’s chances of success.

    A productive consultation with your dentist should also include an examination of your medical history and oral structure; whether a dental implant surgery is right for you or not, you can still obtain a comprehensive treatment plan that is suited to your specific condition. When your implants have been damaged, any dental office in or around Newmarket can help restore your implants, and offer additional guidelines for their care.

    Although your implants are tough, remember that they are subject to wear and tear. Most foods should be okay to eat, but additional care should be taken when eating or drinking hot and cold dishes and drinks; the metal parts of your implant can contract or expand when exposed to such temperatures, which can cause problems in the future. Flossing may damage the seals around the implant, and electric toothbrushes, as well, are not advisable as they can loosen the screw of the implant.

    A pre-implant planning session or consultation with your dentist should provide these information and other useful tips with you.

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